The DLDSR Story

Working hard to bring dogs home again. Whether lost or found our team are there when you need support

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Our Pawsome Story

It all started on a cliff

Devon Lost Search Search (Formally known as UAV Lost Dog Search) was set up in October 2017 by myself, Devon based Drone Pilot Craig Timblin.

A CAA Approved pilot, I had been asked back in the July of 2017 to help an owner who had lost their dog whilst on a coastal walk to Torquay. Sadly after many weeks of searches and appeals poor Indy was never found.

During this search I met some amazing people who were given up their own free time to help someone they did not know and for a dog that they had never met. I found the dedication of these people a real eye opener and felt that technology had a place to play in helping other owners in the same position.

Over the next few months I assisted with other searches around Devon and met even more people willing to help where they could in an effort to locate and reunite missing dogs.

In October 2017, along with Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue co-founder Christine and a group of helpers we assisted in the search for a missing Border Terrier called Ted. Ted had been missing for 6 days and was eventually found at the bottom of 240ft quarry. The video of his rescue involving ourselves, 3 different Fire Rescue teams and his family can be seen above.  

After this rescue, we took the decision to name our small group and begin helping more lost dogs around Devon. Nearly 4 years later we have helped to reunite well over 1000 dogs with their owners and have now a small team of dedicated volunteers across Devon. 

plus dogs reunited
Hours a day
Search Vehicles
and counting Volunteers

Our team understand dogs and what happens when they go missing and using this knowledge we have many successful rescues and reunited families.

But its not just about the dog, and this is where our team excel in helping you as the owner, family, friend or anyone else who knows the dog that has gone missing.

We understand the emotional torment that goes with the loss of a dog and are there every step of the way advising and helping you cope with all the thoughts you have along the way, no matter how long your dog is missing for.

24 Hr Support

Our team are on hand nearly 24 hours a day and there when you need the help. Whether online advise, conversations on the phone or face to face our aim is to have you and your dog reunited as fast and as safely as possible.

Easy to use website

We've made this website as easy as possible for you to be able to find the help you need when your dog Is missing. Contact numbers of Vets, Rescue Centres and Dog Wardens are all at the touch of button. Freeing you up to search.

Volunteer Network

Our volunteer network is behind you all the way. From ground searchers to social media support we have things covered. Our team also have experience when things aren't straight forward and require specialist capture methods

Join our online community

Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue was set up to help owners of lost dogs have as much help as possible to be reunited quickly and safely with their beloved pets.

After over 12 months of helping lost dogs, our search team is now giving owners easier access to all the help they require and this is where you come in. We are looking for anyone that assists with lost dogs in Devon to register so owners can find contact details for Vets, Kennels, Dog Wardens  etc all in one easy to use place.