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Register your details here and become a volunteer with Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue. This maybe helping out on the ground conducting searches or offering help and support with other aspects of helping those who lose a dog.

Your details will only be used to contact you in the event of a dog going missing in the area you have said you can cover.

Only Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue team coordinators will have access to these details.

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Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue was set up to help owners of lost dogs have as much help as possible to be reunited quickly and safely with their beloved pets.

After over 12 months of helping lost dogs, our search team is now giving owners easier access to all the help they require and this is where you come in. We are looking for anyone that assists with lost dogs in Devon to register so owners can find contact details for Vets, Kennels, Dog Wardens  etc all in one easy to use place.