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Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) and operate as a non profit organisation.

We currently accept donations via different methods and these funds are used to help us with valuable equipment, restocking food, providing printed posters for lost dogs and many other expenses that are incurred. We do not charge for any of the services we provide and never will do and it is the support of these donations that help us to bring dogs home again to their families.

Ways you can help


We have multiple ways of accepting donations to help us continue the work that we do reuniting lost and missing dogs.
These donations will help us equip our team with more equipment, attend training courses, and allow us to provide a wide range of services free of charge to those who need help.

Paypal Donate

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Donations can be made direct to our account via BACS Payment:

Sort Code: 30-90-90
Account No: 34602368
Name: Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue

Or you can help in other ways


Speak to our team for immediate help

Need to speak directly to us for advise about a lost or found dog.

Contact our Search Team on 01803 365505 if your dog is missing or you have found a dog. We are also available on Facebook Messenger

Your donations help


...Bringing dogs home again

Over the last 3 years Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue have helped over 1000 lost and missing dogs be reunited with their families. 

Each search we do, we are there for the owners, family and friends to help make decisions, plan and ultimately get their dog to safety.

In order to do this we need resources and equipment to help us. Whether this is food, spare leads, treats or more specialist equipment such as traps, cameras or thermal imaging we can only do this with support. 

Much of the equipment we currently use was self funded by team members but as we are now more an more asked to help with missing dogs, these equipment is being stretched to its limits. 

All donations received are put to good use to ensure that we are there for the next lost dog that needs to get home.

As a registered CIC company we also submit all our financial records yearly to companies house.

Join our online community

Devon Lost Dog Search & Rescue was set up to help owners of lost dogs have as much help as possible to be reunited quickly and safely with their beloved pets.

After nearly 3 years of helping lost dogs, our search team is now giving owners easier access to all the help they require and this is where you come in. We are looking for anyone that assists with lost dogs in Devon to register so owners can find contact details for Vets, Kennels, Dog Wardens  etc all in one easy to use place.