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Providing Lost Dog Support Services Across Devon

What We Do

Our dedicated team offer a range of services to help lost and found dogs

Advice & Support

Having your dog go missing is a very worrying time. With so much to think about it can also be a confusing time. Our team can offer you sound advice and support ensuring via phone, text or email.

Ground/Drone Searches

Covering ground as quickly as possible and in a methodical manner is where our team can help. Using practical methods and where required the use of drones we can assist in any searches needed.

Microchip Scanning

We provide microchip scanning services to help reunite found dogs with owners. All done at your location to ensure the safety of a dog that has been found. Full transport can be provided if required.

Raising Awareness

In the early minutes of a dog going missing it is important to spread the word as quickly as possible. Using social media, we can assist with getting the message out there as fast and wide as possible.

Search for Vets, Dog Wardens, Chip Scanner near you

Helping you to the support you need..

Dogs We've Helped

Just some of the dogs that our team have helped over the last 12 Months

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Speak to our team for immediate help

Need to speak directly to us for advise about a lost or found dog.

Contact our Search Team on 01803 365505 if your dog is missing or you have found a dog. We are also available on Facebook Messenger

Open Cases

These dogs are currently lost and our team are helping owners.
Some of the dogs shown may be long term missing dogs who sadly have not yet been found.

Please share these pages to help us raise the awareness of these missing dogs so that it is known that they are missing.

Jun 24
Hebe – Middle Soar TQ7

Name: Hebe Breed: Fox Red Labrador  Colour: Red Where Lost: Middle Soar TQ7 Date…

Jan 04
Freddie – Teignmouth TQ14

Name: Freddie Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Colour: White Where Lost: Teignmouth TQ14…

Dec 02
Pudding – Yealmpton PL8

Name: Pudding Breed: Miniature Dachshund  Sex: Female Age: 4 Months Colour:…

Aug 25
Lexi – Otterton EX9

Name: Lexi Breed: Labradoodle  Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Colour: Black Where Lost:…

Jul 05
Roxy – Dean Prior TQ11

Name: Roxy Breed: Springer Spaniel  Sex: Female Age: 10 Years Colour: Liver/White…

Feb 26
Mindy – Ogwell TQ12

Name: Mindy Breed: Jack Russell Terrier  Sex: Female Age: 8 Years Colour: White/Brown…

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Devon Lost Dog Search was set up to help owners of lost dogs have as much help as possible to be reunited quickly and safely with their beloved pets. After nearly 3 years of helping lost dogs, our search team is now giving owners easier access to all the help they require and this is where you come in. We are looking for anyone that assists with lost dogs in Devon to register so owners can find contact details for Vets, Kennels, Dog Wardens  etc all in one easy to use place.